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AWID LR-2000 Long Range Reader with LR-TEK Kit

The AWID LR-2000 Sentinel-Prox Long-Range Reader is a UHF RFID reader with an integrated fine-tuned antenna. The LR-2000 is optimally designed for Automatic Vehicle identification (AVI) and Access Control applications such as parking entry and gate control. This LR-2000 Reader system also provides security-sensitive AWID proprietary encrypted vehicle UHF tags in a variety of types and styles.

**Note, if you are installing several LR-2000 units, you only need ONE installation kit for the entire installation. You can purchase the AWID LR-2000 unit without the installation kit

The LR-2000 integrated RFID reader/antenna system is ideal for outdoor AVI application as well as indoor applications such as asset monitoring and tracking. The system offers price/performance characteristics over traditional long-range proximity card systems. In addition, the LR-2000 can be used together with the UA-612 door access reader, allowing the same cards/tags to be used for both vehicle parking access AND building/door access!!!

Operating in the license-free 900MHz UHF band, the LR-2000 is the first Access Control reader that combines the convenience of UHF technology with a programmable repetition rate and the Access Control industry's standard Wiegand format. It is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility providing the highest quality standard. This reader is furnished with an impressive combination of high styling and ranges from 8 feet to 15 feet, dependent on the type of tag. (see pg. 14 for chart). It offers Wiegand and RS-232 protocol interfaces with simultaneous data output, providing compatibility with all standard access control panels and systems.

  • Read Ranges of 8 feet to 15 feet
  • Compact package of 8 x 8 x 1.125 in.
  • Programmable read repetition rate for one-shot or multiple reads
  • Utilizes passive RFID technology; no battery required for tags
  • Industry standard Wiegand and RS-232 data output
  • Certified with FCC regulation
  • Read Range: 8-15 feet (2.6-5.0 meters)
  • Frequency: UHF band 902MHz to 928MHz for USA (Contact AWID for other countries)
  • Antenna Type: Circular Polarized
  • Voltage: 7-15V DC
  • Current: 0.4A - 1A
  • Communication protocol: Wiegand and RS-232
  • Data Format: Configurable 26 bit to 50 bit
  • Cable to Controller (Wiegand interface): 6 conductors stranded 22AWG or larger, color-coded insulation, overall 100% shield
  • Dimensions: 8x8x1.125in (20.32x20.32x2.85cm)
  • Weight: 37.5oz (1.06kg)
  • Color: Beige housing on aluminum plate
  • Mounting: Easy setup via mounting bracket accessory (p/n LR-911MB)
  • Operating Temperature: -13F to 140F ( -25C to 60C)
  • Operating Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing
  • Regulatory: FCC Part 15 Industry Canada
  • Note: Unit is splash proof, not water resistant


The LR-TEK is provided in a small, sturdy carton with fitted padding. It works with AWID's uAxcess UHF reader models as well as long-range readers. The LR-TEK is a low-cost way to observe the performance of a reader without interface to the controller of an access control system, and to change the UHF long-range reader's repetition rate and RF power level. The Kit turns much of the work into a one-man job.

AWID's LR-TEK UHF Test/Demo Kit is the tool that...
  • helps to sell a new UHF long-range reader
  • tests a new reader before you leave for the installation site
  • shows correct performance of the reader during installation
  • identifies the source of problem during a service call
  • provides visible and audible feedback as the reader reads tags.
  • Self-contained Kit...All components in a small fitted carton
  • Easy to use...Simple instructions are included
  • Quick set-up...Items connect by clip leads and plugs
  • Variety of uses...Kit contains all necessary items
  • For effective presentations...Your reader gives real reads fast
  • Build confidence at your office...See actual operation on your bench
  • Answers questions at installation...Kit shows isolated reader & tags working
  • Trouble-shooting in a service call...Isolates components of the system
  • Shows where repair is needed...Substitutes for parts of the installation
  • A valuable investment by you...Payback from time saved and confidence
Components of the LR-TEK Kit:
  • LR-Sounder Test Unit Contains a beeper and an LED to indicate every tag read, and a cable with clip leads for DC power and RS-232 Transmit Data. Clips to the power supply and to the reader being tested.
  • DC Power Supply AWID's PS-123.3A plug-in module – nominal 12 volts output; load up to 3.3 amperes.
  • USB-to-DB9 Adapter Cable (black, 22 inches) with USB plug and DB9 male connector. Download the USB driver:
  • DB9-to-Clips Adapter Cable (gray, 16 inches) with DB9 female connector and 3 clips for the reader's RS-232 interface wires.
  • Test Tags AWID's WS-UHF windshield tag (on windshield glass) and CS-UHF clamshell card, for hand tests.
  • Carton A sturdy container with fitted foam padding to support and protect the components between uses.
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