Cartell Driveguard Integrator With CT-6-100 Sensor Probe (100’ Cable) Integrates With Your Home Automation | CAR-DRIVEGKITCT6


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Cartell Driveguard Integrator Vehicle Detection System Includes CT-6-100 Sensor Probe With 100’ Cable (Integrates With Your Home Automation)

With DriveGuard Integrator you can add professional vehicle detection to any security or home automation system so you never have to be caught unaware.

The DriveGuard Integrator system is supported by any security, home automation or lighting system. Its control unit (CT-2B) has a relay contact, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with any home automation, security and lighting system. Simply connect the CT-2B to two zone inputs to trigger any and all features supported by the accompanying system.

  • 1 CT-6-100 SENSOR PROBE (100' cable)
  • Add vehicle detection to any security or home automation system
  • Trip any feature mother system supports when vehicles drive up
  • Never be surprised by drive-up visitors again
  • See who’s arrived before they reach the front door
  • Be alerted at keypads, turn system lights on, interact with email and smartphones
  • Trip cameras on
  • Seamlessly integrates with any and all security, home automation, and lighting systems
  • Use in homes with longer driveways
  • Use in home with other systems
  • Commercial applications
  • Magnetometer technology
  • Sensor buried beside driveway
  • Invisible system
  • Supports up to 4 sensor probes
  • Supports up to 12 sounders
  • Sensitivity and relay time adjustable
  • Supports other sensing devices
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

Please Note: This item is available with a wide variety of cable lengths as you can view below. Please contact us if you would like to special order a different length of cable other than the 100' Model offered here:

  • Cartell Model CT-6-150 (150' Cable)
  • Cartell Model CT-6-200 (200' Cable)
  • Cartell Model CT-6-250 (250' Cable)
  • Cartell Model CT-6-300 (300' Cable)
  • Cartell Model CT-6-350 (350' Cable)
  • Cartell Model CT-6-400 (400' Cable)
  • Cartell Model CT-6-450 (450' Cable)
  • Cartell Model CT-6-500 (500' Cable)
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