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Manufacturer: Apollo
Apollo-Nice NIAP-INTI Transmitters Discounts Apply !
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Apollo-Nice  NIAP-INTI Transmitters
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Apollo-Nice INTI Transmitters

Will not work with Nice RB400 or RB1000 Slide Gate Operators

The Apollo-Nice NIAP-INTI Transmitters are a new line of 2-channel miniaturized transmitters, available in six colors. Ideal for multi-user systems.

433.92 MHz rolling code transmitters with management of Identity Codes and Certificates, self-learning and built-in proximity receiver; with 72 bit O-Code encoding, also compatible with Nice Flor encoding receivers.

Evolved: uses data processing and recognition systems that increase its degree of security and deliver a threefold reduction in automation response times. Easy memorization using a transmitter already programmed in the receiver, thanks to the enabling code between the two.

Elegant and convenient: the Nice Era One transmitter can be used as a stylish, high-tech key-ring or fixed to your car visor with the handy support included in the pack.

These transmitters are not compatible with Homelink®.

  • 433.92MHz radio-controlled system with 1024 programmable code combinations
  • Range: 150 m (outdoors; 30 m (if inside buildings)
  • Encoding: O-code 72 bit; rolling code
  • Power Supply: 3VDC; Lithium Battery Type CR2032
  • Battery Life: 2 years (with 10 transmissions perday)
  • Protection Class: IP40 (use in protected environments)
  • Dimensions / weight: 1.2 x 2.2 x 0.3 h in inches; 0.03lbs.

Apollo-Nice NIAP-INTI Transmitters Manuals

Apollo-Nice NIAP-Inti Transmitter Specification Sheet

Price: $19.50

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