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Manufacturer: Linear / AllStar / OSCO
Linear AM3 Plus Four Point Access Controller Discounts Apply !
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Linear AM3 Plus Four Point Access Controller
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Linear AM3 Plus Controller

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Linear AM3 Plus is an access controller for up to four points of entry, the AM3 Plus is housed in a lockable, plastic enclosure that is monitored with a magnetic tamper switch. The AM3 Plus features a 2-digit LED display, nine status indicators, four relay indicators with four relay activation pushbuttons, three programming buttons, a reset button, and a power indicator. The system controls its four output relays by responding to various input devices that react to proximity cards, transmitters, and entry codes. These output channels can be programmed to control electric door strikes, magnetic locks, door and gate operators, or barrier gates.

  • Full control of 4 doors; each supporting request to exit and door status monitoring
  • Direct input for 2 card readers; add AM-CRI's for more
  • Local or remote programming using a PC and AccessBase2000 or through browser with built-in AXNET software
  • Remote programming using optional ACM-1 modem (ACP00905)
  • Relay auto lock/unlock schedules
  • Dimensions: 11.5"W x 12.5"H x 4"D

Linear AM3 Plus Specifications

  • Relay: 4 form "C" relays; all can be configured for open/close; all relay contacts have extensive RFI, ARC and lightning suppression
  • RS232: for local computer communications
  • Front Panel: two 7-segment LED displays for system configuration, status and troubleshooting
  • PBUS: 2 sets for connecting of up to 6 proprietary addressable devices
  • Wiegand: 2 sets of Wiegand inputs for connecting 26, 30, or 31 bit Wiegand devices; each Wiegand input supports two reader LED indicators
  • Request To Exit: 4 normally open inputs; each input assigned to specific relay
  • Door Sense: 4 normally closed inputs used to monitor the status of the controlled portal to support forced door/propped door alarm; also for auto-relock
  • Access Buttons: four pushbuttons used to manually control each of the four relays
  • Tamper: tamper switch activates when cabinet is opened
  • LEDs: 14 indicators for status and troubleshooting
  • Power: 12/24 VAC or VDC; 16 VAC transformer included
  • Operating Temperature: -22F to +149F
  • Clock/Calendar: built-in 24-hour clock/calendar with battery back-up and daylight savings adjustment
  • Enclosure: Plastic cabinet suitable for indoor use; secure with lock/key (included) or screws
  • Dimensions: 11.5" W x 12.5" H x 4" D

Linear AM3 Plus Compatibility

  • Linear ACM-1: Replacement Modem
  • Linear AM-RRR: Remote Radio Receiver
  • Linear CAB-3: Metal Outdoor Cabinet
  • Linear AE1000Plus: Commercial Telephone Entry System with Access Control - Four Doors
  • Linear AE2000Plus: Commercial Telephone Entry System with Access Control - Four Doors, Large Screen
Linear RE-2N Residential Telephone Entry System with Powder-Coated Nickel Color FinishLinear RE-2N Residential Telephone Entry System with Powder-Coated Nickel Color Finish - $724.00
The Linear RE-2N is a contemporary styles telephone entry system for residential or light commercial access control. The speakerphone, keypad, radio receiver, and optional video camera are housed in a rugged enclosure.
Linear AE-100 Commercial Telephone Entry SystemLinear AE-100 Commercial Telephone Entry System - $699.00
Linear AE-100 Commercial Telephone Entry System is intended as a primary access control device for commercial sites with up to 125 residents. It can be used indoors or out.
Linear AE1000 Plus Commercial Telephone Entry with Access ControlLinear AE1000 Plus Commercial Telephone Entry with Access Control - $1,620.00
This Model Is Discontinued. Please see Linear E3 Telephone Entry System EN-2A4 as a possible replacement.

Linear AE1000 Plus is an advanced commercial telephone entry system with access control capabilities and for sites with up to four doors and/or gates, each supporting request-to-exit and door status monitoring. The Linear AE1000 Plus has a 10,000 user capacity and a unique directory code for each user.
Price: $599.00
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